Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Houghton's Pond - Milton

In terms of playgrounds, the highlight to Houghton's Pond is the tot spot which is completely shaded under two big evergreens. You can tuck yourself under there nice and cozy. The big kid stuff is standard, and unfortunately takes no cues from the beautiful natural surroundings. This is the perfect spot for a natural playspace should they get another 2 million for renovations. Of course, the real attraction is the pond, it's new bathhouse and the surrounding trails. The nature boardwalk opens in the fall. Can't wait. Located off of Hillside Street, Milton. Official website.


Beautiful new bathhouse

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art in the Park

Parks and playgrounds should invite you in, be a place to relax and chat with your neighbors while your kids play and meet new friends. If you're lucky, you might come across something very rare...ART IN THE PARK! In our search for more art, we uncovered IconParks right here in MA that designs wonderful playgrounds. Like Dorothy following the yellow brick road, we will hop along to every playground designed by IconParks. Below is some of their work, in addition to wonderful artwork we've discovered in Boston and Cambridge. 

Dorothy Curran Playground - Dorchester, MA

Alexander Kemp Playground - Cambridge, MA

The Esplanade Playspace - Boston, MA
Created by artist and poet Mitch Ryerson

Julia's Playground - WWI Memorial Park - North Attleboro, MA

Creekside Commons Park - Chelsea, MA

Julia's Garden - WWI Memorial Park - North Attleboro, MA

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Imagination Station - Randolph - Splash Pad

Imagination Station in Randolph did not disappoint on our first visit as it had so many of the features we enjoy such as musical instruments for impromptu concerts, trees to sit under while watching your kids, and something new for us...a splash pad. Happy to say it's working!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Braintree Highlands Playground


Not enough shade. Not enough benches. Which is a shame as it's one of the busiest playgrounds we've been to. Lots of bored parents swaying back and forth, barely hanging in there. The Braintree Highlands playground has the most climbing structures for older kids we've seen to date. They'll all challenging and fun.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Esplanade Playspace - Great for Older Kids! Boston

Do you know what a zip line is? It's about a 50 foot long thrill ride for your child and it's at the Esplanade Playspace in Boston thanks to a bunch of brilliant neighborhood kids who put it on their wish list.  

A creative, artful and crazy-fun spot at the foot of the Arthur Fiedler bridge (an orange-colored footbridge that goes over Storrow Drive), the new playspace offers all kinds of challenges and thrills for older kids. There is a great spider web with a huge slide as the payoff, a disk swing big enough for a family of four, a climbing rock, and a huge log sculpture that tests your creative climbing techniques. 

Created by artist and poet Mitch Ryerson

On busy weekends, the zip is well worth the wait. It can be sunny but there are enough leafy spots to grab some shade. With the kid's heads still spinning, take a break along the Charles River and do some dog watching. This is a Hopper's paradise. 



Directions: If you're hanging out near the Public Garden, head toward the intersection of Beacon and Arlington. Look around like a tourist. A few feet from that intersection, you'll take a right onto David Mugar Way, and the foot bridge is right there hidden under some trees. Have fun.