Sunday, July 8, 2012

Braintree Highlands Playground


Not enough shade. Not enough benches. Which is a shame as it's one of the busiest playgrounds we've been to. Lots of bored parents swaying back and forth, barely hanging in there. The Braintree Highlands playground has the most climbing structures for older kids we've seen to date. They'll all challenging and fun.  

A little tot spot too with some extra added fun like a ladybug to ride. This is a massive playground with a lot of special care and attention given to the handicapped, making it extremely accessible. Tons of slides and swings. No shade except a small cover without benches, and some tree cover along the fence. This will be a scorching hot, unusable playground on a hot sunny day. Too bad. Why isn't shade a priority? Well, it's clean and plenty of parking. All mulch with a rubber surround. Located at the corner of South St. and Washington St. in Braintree. Because it gets so busy with as many as 30 parents hanging around at once with achy legs, bored out of their minds, it needs many more benches!! Ten more at least!