Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chelsea Playgrounds - KaBoom

Creekside Commons in Chelsea

Artistically unique with a huge water feature, small splash pad, unusual beautiful canopy never seen before in these parts, little skate park, beautiful arbor, lots of color. A beautifully landscaped spot with lots of strolling potential tucked away at the end of Cabot Street. Parking is good. Designed by IconParks.

This park is designed to reflect the landscape using architectural and artistic sculptural features. Mind you this is tiny little city, in fact, the smallest city in Massachusetts, with an enormous amount of parks and playgrounds, more than 30, and, on average, they've been building a new one every year! It's a regular playground boomtown. 


Given that Chelsea is the 2nd most densely populated community in Massachusetts, and over 50% of school age students are overweight or obese, it's bursting at the seams, but the city is doing a great job of giving it's residents spaces to spread out a bit, drown out the sound of the Tobin, and get healthy. Learn more about the Healthy Chelsea Coalition here.


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Next up...The Dorothy O'Neil Playground 

This little spot, more like a backyard than a playground, makes great use of every square inch, as many city parks do. Above roars the Tobin, but down below, nothing but trees and benches in the shade. A mother told me she liked the playground because "it's nice and quite." Spoken like a true Chelsea resident. The genius kids were washing down the hot slides with cool water from the spash pad, creating their own water slide! It's located at the corner of Beacon and High street. 

Disney-KaBoom Playspace!
Located at the corner of Heard and Spruce streets


Mickey Mouse did not meet me at the entrance. In fact, I almost drove by, but I really wanted to see a KaBoom playground. KaBoom helps communities build playgrounds, and Disney, of course, is one huge playground, so it came with high hopes and expectations.

There was ample shade provided by existing trees along the corners with comfy benches. Other moms pushing strollers came into little Disneyland, and we all enjoyed a nice time on this fertile ground, in this far away neighborhood, under a bridge. 

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