Wednesday, August 8, 2012

North Point Playground and Park - Cambridge. One of the best playgrounds in the Boston area.


Back in the day, whizzing through Boston on the elevated section of 93, taking fast turns, brushing up against buildings like the old Boston Garden, was a thrill ride. At least, that's what it seemed. 

But looking below as you left the city heading north, it was a jumbled up mess, like a kid's toy train set or a game of pick up sticks with old railroad tracks, a little river, a little bridge, elevated trains, and a mountain of gravel. Where was I? Turns out I was where RT 93, an unused railway station, the Charles River Dam, the elevated Orange and Green lines, and Boston Gravel met up. Three levels in fast motion, swirling inside the city's vortex. 



Now, thanks to billions of dollars and Magic Johnson (that's another story), the tracks are gone, and the 44 acres of nothingness have been transformed into NorthPoint Park, the new, lower forth level, the green grass, willow tree lined level for pedestrians, bikers, dog walkers, and playground hoppers. 

Like a beautiful breathing terrarium sitting on a window sill, NorthPoint playground is a cozy, peaceful spot to watch the world go by. There is tree covered shade, an arbor, picnic tables, a water fountain, and splash pad. Perfection.

For playground hoppers via car, head to the Museum of Science and turn on Museum Way under the Green Line tracks. Take your first right on Education Street, then a right on NorthPoint Blvd. It's straight ahead, covered by trees. Free two hour street parking.

For hoppers pushing baby carriages, it's a hop, skip and jump away from any direction and expect a 15 minute walk.  Just head to the Museum of Science on your tourist map.

It's about 15 minutes from Mike's Pastry on Hanover Street in the North End. Just follow the Freedom Trail to the Paul Revere Park, cross over the North Bank Bridge (which takes 5 minutes), and you're in NorthPoint Park.

From Charles Street in Beacon Hill or MGH, cross over the pedestrian bridge at the Red Line stop, turn right and follow along the Esplanade which will take you to Monsignor O'Brien Highway, toward the Museum. Pass the Museum and take a right on Museum Way. On your right is the park entrance.


  1. Can anyone tell me which of these playgrounds are fenced in and if you know of any other playgrounds in the boston/cape cod area that are fenced in?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. The North Point playground does have a fence, and I will be sure to include that valuable info in future posts.