Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Somerville - Two Neighborhood Gems

Somerville's Albion Park and Dickerson Playground are two great gems wrapped up real nice and pretty. They have great equipment, one with an open court, thoughtful shading, new plantings, spray pads, lots of seating, large light posts, iron fencing and proudly displayed welcome signs. There is one problem. At both parks, there is no parking for non-residents. Now Somerville is great, but I won't be moving there soon as my monster parking ticket on Albion street cuts into the monster funds needed to live there. 

The Albion Park (how to get there) is a neighborhood gem with lots of trees, shade and a grassy knoll for picnicking. It's extremely inviting. New and cool for us was the wacky seasaw. There's a spray pad with tons of benches under a pergola. A large open court good for basketball or beginner rollerskating. Every corner of the place says "stay a while." Unfortunately, I stayed too long and got a parking ticket that made my head spin as fast as the merry-go-round. 

Albion Park 

Albion Park

The Dickerman Playground (find here) is brand new! Covered in soft padding, surrounded by lovely landscaping and a spectacular stone wall, this nice little spot offers lots of seating, new trees, a perfectly sized spray pad and a mural wall. Even with the boulders scattered around like giant stepping stones, the park is a soft place to land for busy parents.