Monday, October 15, 2012

Southie's Green Seaweed. The Dorothy Curran Playground.


Do you have any idea what it is? Try tilting your head left to right. Would you believe they are four towering seaweed water fountains swaying in the breeze? Who knew? These wildly imaginative sculptures at the Dorothy Curran playground put a little whimsy (not Whitey) in Southie. Wicked awesome. 


Not only is the seaweed green, but the whole playground is green, made with reclaimed and recycled material, plus the water from the fountain is redistributed into the green grass, which matches the color of the beer on St. Patrick's Day. Located at Joe Moakley Park, South Boston.


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  1. Its amazing to see the new things we find in a playground, in my day it was all about hopscotch painted into the playground surface, amazing!