Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dr. Loesch Family Park in Dorchester

If you build it, they will come. The Dr. Loesch Family Park in Dorchester was an eyesore for years until Rev. Loesch and his team of crusaders dug into the ground and pulled out what is now considered an oasis for the city. Dr. Loesch says, "The whole point is encouraging more people to get out of the house and enjoy nature, and enjoy getting to know your neighbors." 

For Rev. Loesch, building a park is just one of his many  accomplishments. This brave, highly influential, and respected man is a Hopper Hero. As a member of Corporate Accountability International, he fired up a team of Dorchester teens from BOLD, and took on Big Tobacco, ending it's advertising in the The Boston Globe. He was also a Freedom Fighter who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King! I wish I could have bumped into him at the park.

The park's improvements include a cool new playground with lots of features we've never seen before, and wonderful landscaping due in part to the design firm of CBA. Coincidentally, our hopping has landed us a couple of other times in their parks; the Dickerman playground in Somerville, and the Phillips Street playground in Beacon Hill.

When looking to land at a cool playground, us Hoppers have learned to follow the designer. But sometimes, it's not the designer that makes a cool playground. It's where the inspiration came from; a person, a view, or a natural resource.  

It borders Wainwright Street, Brent Street and Melbourne Street. Plenty of parking. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Height of Coolness. The Franklin Park Zoo Playground, Boston.

On top of the highest point of the climbing structure at the Franklin Park Zoo playground, you can see giraffe waltzing by. We've seen some amazing views from playgrounds, but nothing beats the sight of a giraffe making it's way closer to you. Oddly enough, I don't think the kids appreciated it as much as I did. To them the huge slide shaped like the neck of a giraffe was more thrilling. 

Unfortunately, most of the pictures from our day were lost except for these two below of the giraffe and Little Joe. Suffice it to say, the playground was tremendous and perfectly placed along Boston's own little savannah where the giraffe and zebra roam.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mary O'Malley Waterfront Park and Playground - Chelsea

The diamond or spinning spider web is the big draw at the Mary O'Malley Waterfront Park and Playground in Chelsea. There is nothing like it anywhere, ever. The diamond can get up to speeds of 1000 miles an hour, suspending you horizontal and putting you and everyone around you in great danger. Kids start yelling "stop, stop" when they're about to be flung into the Mystic. "Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic." So much fun. 

There is also a nice tot spot, lots of shade and picnic tables. Plenty of parking too. A big thumbs up for yet another park in the tiny city of Chelsea.

After spinning on the diamond, take a peek under the Tobin. Creepy, but also fun.