Friday, January 11, 2013

Watson Park Playground - Braintree. Improvements Coming.

Watson Park in Braintree has an ok basic playground with good enough equipment but no shade. A real drag on the baby swings. It has no fencing which is a negative when you consider the geese and open sandbox. Geese are a real problem as they leave grey polka dots all over the nice green grass. Real party poopers.

Good news though. It's being redesigned and reclaimed.  Check out latest news from February 2013.

Exciting changes includes a 6-8 foot wide Riverwalk, wild flower meadow, benches, signage and splash pad. No mention of playground upgrades though. 

This transformation is extremely important as it's the hub of baseball and softball games in a neighborhood overflowing with kids playing catch, shooting basketballs, skateboarding and riding their bikes in the streets. In a dense neighborhood of crackling sidewalks, steep hills, on-street parking, speeding, dog walkers, runners and strollers, this park needs to be a smooth, clean, green, safe playspace for everyone to enjoy.

Will shade be a priority for the splash pad?

Will the new Monatiquot riverwalk feel safe enough for an evening walk and deter naughty teenagers?

Will more parking be provided?

Will the basketball court be saved?

Will these waste-dropping beasts be removed forever?

Will the dirty, stinky land around the boat house hidden by creepy reeds be cleaned up?

High Expectations!

Playground hoppers have high expectations for the transformation. 

After seven months of hopping, here is our wish list for Watson Park, ideas taken from many other parks in the Boston area.

Large welcoming sign or front gate, like these two...

Pretty colors, like this...

Learning this...

Canopy for shade over the sandbox and baby this...

Just fun stuff, like this...

This would be perfect...

A small manageable splash pad with some shade, like this

 A natural creek or water feature, like this

or real fancy fountain, like this...

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