Thursday, May 2, 2013

The North End Loop - A Hopper's Dream

The North End Loop is just a dream. Imagine being able to walk from the North End to the newly designed family hang-out called City Hall Plaza. Like the elevated 93, the concrete slab of City Hall Plaza will crumble and be replaced by little water fountains for toddlers, big benches, shade, playful elements like a massive hammock, swings that make music and little sculptures to climb, just like in the Greenway. Fun worth taking your toddler out of the carriage for. There will be concerts, food festivals and farmer's markets. Cool stuff for everyone, all year round.

Can't you just picture these swings along the loop! Well, until then, the hopping continues.

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  1. I like this blog, but "around" Boston isn't exactly true...virtually all of these places are in or south of Boston. I'm disappointed because I was looking for North Shore/North of Boston playgrounds. I hope you'll post about some of those soon!