Monday, November 26, 2012

Charles River Playgrounds - Just to Name a Few

The Esplanade Playspace

Many, many years ago, Charles Eliot, an outdoorsy kind of guy, looked out onto the Charles River while holding his nose and thought "we need more grass, less smelly mush." So they tightened the ends of the river up a bit, trimmed the edges and grew lush green grass for parks and playgrounds. Modernization dirtied up the place for a while, but now it's looking real nice. Even the Big Dig added 40 more acres along the river for our enjoyment. Here are a few of those playgrounds inside different neighborhoods, connected by bridges and walkways, and all bound by the beautiful Charles River.

North Point Playground - Across from Museum of Science

North End Playground - Puopolp Park and Langone Park

For more history lessons, visit the Charles River Conservancy, the loving caretakers of the Charles.