Friday, August 29, 2014

Castle Island Playground - South Boston

What sets the Castle Island playground apart from others is it's amazing location smack dab in the middle of Boston's central nervous system where you can actually feel, while pushing your kid on the swing, the inhaling and exhaling of airplanes as they take off and land at Logan. 

Nevermind the fun playground, lots of shade, tons of parking, plently of seating, a public bathroom, a giant fort, wide open pathways, biking, rollerblading, dog walking, baby pushing, horse petting, but how about the thrill for your kids seeing the airplanes right over their heads, or the massive ships pulling into the Reserve Channel where the enormous lifts wait. Did I mention the crispy fish sandwich, grilled cheese, lobster roll, and cold pink lemonade for lunch at the reasonably priced Sullivan's?

It seems everything coming and going out of Boston either floats or flies by Castle Island, established long ago as the perfect vantage point to defend Boston against those pesky British with their expensive tea and all. Steep this! Now this spot commands views from all directions, and you're a tiny dot in the middle from the window of a British Airways airplane. Times have changed. 

Anyhow, we hit it on a beautiful, partly cloudy day, 80 degrees and very little wind. Enjoy it. 

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