Sunday, October 5, 2014

Illuminating Swings in South Boston thru Friday, October 31st.

Trip the light fantastic at the Swing Time event on The Lawn on D Street located in South Boston at 420 D Street just south of Summer Street. The 2.7 acres of pretty lush grass sits within the grey landscape of coorporate buildings, contruction sites and the Boston Convention Center, and is a canvas for a new experimental idea in open space use as some of the cities most creative artists, performers, architects, musicians, scientists, designers, city planners and corporate developers join together for a huge playdate where people like you and me can play with their toys and games. Check out their website for all the activities going on in October.

This Boston Globe article furthur explains the intention and design of this inviting welcome mat for those moving into this developing area. This neighborhood maybe "under contruction" but it promises to be a very dynamic neighborhood for newcomers, young professionals (whatever), and older, cooler people like parents who have the huge responsibility of introducing their children to wild, new experiences to broaden their minds. We need to keep pushing them higher.  


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