Saturday, June 9, 2012

15 Reasons Why We Hate Playgrounds

Yes. I'm a playground enthusiast, but I do have limits. Here are 15 solid reasons why we want to pack up and leave.

1. Too cold. Too windy. Too hot.
2. Boredom. Standing and sitting around watching your kids.
3. Bending, lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying.
4. The begging and nagging. "Push me, higher, higher, higher!"
5. The sound of my voice. "Be careful!" "Wait your turn." "Don't crawl up the slide." "Stop running." "Time to go." "Time to go." "Time to go."
6. Botched exit procedure.
7. Evil ring of the ice cream truck one hour before supper. That's just mean.
8. Obnoxious kids and their obnoxious parents. I remember one family in particular. All the kids wore skeleton t-shirts, and the skeleton father yelled at the basic t-shirt father who was just trying to protect his own child from skeletons.
9. Your kid can't find a "friend" no matter how long they follow some other kids around.
10. Awkward parent contact. Should I talk to this parent if my kid is playing with hers?
11. Public displays of poor discipline. 
12. Your child won't wait her turn. Everyone is watching.
13. The sand, dirt, mulch, mud, duck poop and wet sneakers. It's all coming home with you.
14. Bloody, dirty scraped knees, or a mouthful of mulch.
15. Exhausted, cranky, hungry and dirty kids when you get home.

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