Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caddy Memorial Park - Quincy

A playground next to an estuary and across from Quincy Bay, Caddy Memorial Park, while cookie cutter, is a nice shaded spot designed mainly for tots and has picturesque views. Strangely enough, no swings! Surrounding the playground are etchings in the rocks, describing the animals and bugs that share the park. Nice touch. Someone cares. There are a few spots along the edge of the estuary to explore if you're into that, but there is littering that spoils the fun. There can be a big "Don't touch that!!!" factor along the edge too. Gee. I'm not making this sound fun. Stick to the shaded playground, enjoy the scenery, catch an ocean breeze, and you'll be good. The pics are pre-Spring, so much nicer now. Difficult to spot from the road, it's located where Furnace Brook Parkway ends and meets up with Quincy Shore Drive, across from Quincy Bay. Plenty of parking.


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