Monday, June 25, 2012

Kids At Play - Marshfield

Kids at Play in Marshfield is a huge, flat, soft, safe and popular spot with 16 slides, a rock wall, and cute play houses that rise up out of the asphalt of Liberty Plaza. More of a tot spot than for kids looking for thrills or challenges. However, it's a workout keeping track of your child as there are lots of hidden spots. It's fully accessible and environmentally sustainable. A big source of pride for the residents who made it happen. Unfortunately, it has no shade except what is created by the huge structure, which isn't bad. How about some umbrella's for the tables. It could use some landscaping around the edges with trees or scrubs. How about this. Rip up the entire lot next to it, and plant big trees and little flower beds. Rename the playground "Dream On" in honor of resident Steven Tyler, as he will pay for it all. Keep dreaming.

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